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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Malacca Video

Some video papa take during our Malacca trip, enjoy.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mummy Birthday

I sang the birthday song to mummy and make her so happy.

Malacca - May 3 -5

The good experience going to KL and of course me very well behave for the whole trip in KL, Daddy and Mummy decide driving to Malacca. Oh ya also because is Mummy birthday so we are going there for a short R&R trip.

Wow the hotel is much better than we expected and they upgrade us to a Sea View deluxe with adjoining room. Forgot to mention that Ah Ma decide to join us for this Malacaa Trip.

I am so happy walking around room and can go for a swim daily. I enjoy myself very very much and when we coming back I even cry and say No Singapore. But daddy and mummy promise me that they will bring me to trip again Yipeeee.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Night Safari

Another outing suppose to go with good friend Nicolle but they change the date of going so left me, Mummy, Daddy and Ah Ma.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Zoo Outing - March 2008

Ok been MIA for very very long that because my mummy is getting lazier and lazier. And she is also waiting for Papa to pass her all the outing pictures (excuse, excuse, excuse).

I have forgot about my Zoo outing details but luckily thanks to the advance technology we have photos and video to remember my outing.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Attending School - Apple Tree

Mummy registered me at Apple Tree and my first day of school is at 2nd Jan. Mummy bring me to school and was suprised that I really enjoy and didn't cry at all. Mummy took some pictures and see how I enjoy.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

KL Trip

Daddy and Mummy bring me to KL on the 29 Dec. Mummy wake up very early to prepared my porridge and thinking of waking me up for my milk before departure. But once I heard the noise that Mummy wake up I wake up too. So after all the preparation we set off around 7+ from home but after buying breakfast etc etc we set off to KL at around 8+. We will very lucky that the it did not have a long jam that day at the Tuas Custom and the traffic was quite smooth. Uncle Stephen loan Mummy his GPS but we still get lost a bit when we reach KL and caught in the jam at the Bukit Bintan. Mummy said I was well behave for the whole journey. We manage to reach our hotel at around 3+ and we were really tired with all the driving. Aunty Bee come and pick us at around 6+ and we have a very very delicious dinner at this restaurant Uncle William recommended.

The next day Mummy go Sungei Wang to shop for a while and manage to get a cheap shoe and she is very happy. She bring me to swim after my lunch and I was really tired after that and sleep at the stroller when they pushing me out for their lunch. Aunty Bee bring Kor Kor Logan to come and swim at the hotel and Daddy also bring me to swim again I was so happy. After the swim Kor Kor Logan was tired so they went home and I farewell to them as we will not be meeting the next day. Daddy and Mummy bring me to the Chinatown at night and we reach hotel at around 10+ near to 11.

The next day after some short shopping at Sungei Wang again we check out and proceed home. I sleep half of the journey and behave myself the other half. And so lucky there was no jam at all at the Custom and we manage to reach home at around 7pm+. I enjoy my trip although is quite short. See below for my pictures.

Monday, December 10, 2007

New Handphone

Mummy just bought a new handphone and she suppose to be very happy with the new toy but NO!!!!! The new handphone give her problem the next day and she is waiting for a new handphone for 1-1 exchange and apparently the handphone is so popular that is out of stock so she can only wait patiently (dun thk she can) for the exchange.

Nevertheless, she still use her new handphone and took some cute pictures of me keke.

See my standard gesture, whenever mummy with Camera or say cheeze I will do my standard action with my sweet smile.